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Mazda RX-7 Could Return in 2017

November 16th, 2012

Good news for rotary enthusiasts: Mazda’s late RX-7 may be returning to the market! The legendary Mazda vehicle is rumored for a 2017 return, based on comments by Mazda sports car boss Nobuhiro Yamamoto.

There’s good cause for optimism, too. The Rotary Engine will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2017, an event deserving the rev-savvy powerhouse’s return. Yamamoto reportedly claimed that a 16X rotary engine was developed in 2007, but has yet to find a place in any production model.

Yamamoto told the press at an MX-5 Miata launch event that a future RX-7 could weigh in close to 2,600 pounds and emphasize the driver’s involvement. He also stated a preference for naturally aspirated rotary engines over forced induction, claiming that the 16X engine would be capable of up to 295 HP in such a configuration.


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