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Mazda The First OEM To Recycle Bumpers

September 23rd, 2011

Mazda has officially become the world’s first automaker to recycle scrapped bumpers from end-of-life vehicles into raw material for new vehicle bumpers. This new process is helping to create bumpers for the Mazda Biante minivan, which is sold in Japan.

By finding a way to recycle old bumpers into material for new vehicle bumpers, Mazda says it will dramatically improve the recycling ratio (MRR) of Mazda vehicles and will also contribute to a more effective use of resources.

Bumpers are largely made of plastic. Already, Mazda had been a leader in processing and recycling damaged bumpers collected from in-use vehicles through its dealer network in Japan. Now, the automaker has adapted its recycling technology even further to prevent old bumpers from being wasted. Mazda also says the cost of recycling is less than the cost of purchasing new plastic.

Going forward, Mazda will continue to develop advanced recycling technologies, including bumper-to-bumper recycling, as it strives toward a sustainable future.


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